About Us

When we first started we were known as Five Starr Pens. All we sold were a few types of pens, from one supplier. Five Starr Pens transitioned into Five Starr Promotions and Consulting which ultimately became modern day Canyon Starr Promotions, Inc.

Over the years we’ve grown both in knowledge and size. We now utilize thousands of promotional marketing items provided by dozens of suppliers throughout the United States.




We sincerely strive to be more than a “sales” outlet or a "products" company. Our goal is to know all of our customers on a personal level. We desire to understand our customers' marketing needs and how we can best help. 

Our tagline states that we are An Idaho Agency and that's exactly how we want to be known. When Idaho businesses and organizations think of promotional marketing we want them to automatically think of Canyon Starr Promotions.




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